Company Unik Yachts specializes in designing and  building innovative racing, cruise and motor yachts. Our developments are put at the forefront of modern design and maximum comfort and security.

We create amazing boats and use non-standard engineering ideas. We work with any structural materials and invariably believe even the most simple, and materials, you can build a beautiful and modern boat if you invest in designing a smidgen of his soul.

Lightweight, strong, simple, technology-the main theses of our work. We always strive to get the most efficient and elegant solution. We are constantly striving to develop new and innovative ideas in design, but with reverence about shipbuilding traditions and age-old experience. If you want to get a unique yacht, then you’re just a few clicks away will help you find out what we can create with you.

Our design philosophy is based on the efficiency of the use of space and form. We always strive to provide the best possible results for the fulfilment of the wishes of the client. We do not want to be the largest company, we simply strive to be the best in our profession and do “ordinary things extraordinarily well”.

One of the most interesting and creative stages for us the birth of conceptual ideas of new yachts, the moment when the idea of having the outlines.