LION 450

We present a new yacht of the Lion series for today Lion 450 is the smallest boat with a length of 4.5 meters, in this boat we have developed the theme of puzzles even more, the boat is a large constructor, all the parts are assembled into their grooves pre-cut for them. Despite the small size of the boat, there are two full berths, a retractable galley which is hidden behind the bulkhead, there is a place for installing a dry closet, large lockers are located under the seats in the cabin for storing personal items, and there are also lockers in the cockpit for storing things and equipment. The yacht is equipped with an outboard engine with a capacity of 2-4 horsepower, the engine is installed in the well in the cockpit, the structure of the well for the engine is designed in such a way that it does not create additional resistance when the yacht moves. The yacht has a long keel and a constant balance placed under the hull, which greatly simplifies the construction of the yacht and increases reliability and safety. The yacht has a sailing gaff rigging cat, with the possibility of installing a small staysail on the bowsprit.

The yacht fully complies with the requirements for trailer dimensions and can easily be transported on a trailer behind a passenger car without special permits.
The yacht is available as a kit, or drawings and CNC cutting files for DIY construction.

Main dimensionsData
Length overall5.9m
Length hull4.5 m
Maximum width2.20 m
Draft keel0.5 m
Sail area18
Ballast150 кг.
Full displacement650 кг.
Capacity2 per.


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11 thoughts on “LION 450

  1. Could you give me a rough estimate of the price in Europe (Euro) for the complete set with sails?


    1. The set of plans contains files for CNC cutting, you can easily cut all the details of the yacht in any convenient place not far from home. Now I can set kit in Ukraine, USA and Australia. I can send sails by mail, shipping costs are usually several tens of dollars. the cost of sails depends on the material from which they are sewn.

  2. Make it wishbone cat rig, like a Freedom or Wylie Cat, then I’d think about it…. maybe.

    1. I don’t think putting Wylie Cat or Freedom will be a big problem

  3. I love it!

  4. Do you have more details on the outboard and outboard well arrangement including a diagram/photo? It would seem that on such a compact boat the raised outboard would take up most of the cockpit footwell

  5. This is a small boat but there is enough space for the crew in the cockpit, the niche does not take up much space. This installation of the motor allows it to be constantly kept on the boat and the motor is protected from possible obstacles when driving in shallow water.

    in the picture you can see the location of the engine niche

  6. Ok, so I understand then the outboard is simply raised and lowered in a vertical plane, it’s not hinged?

  7. Looks like a nice compact coastal cruiser. Probably not for open ocean sailing, but is it designed for inter-island crossings? Can’t wait for the study plans to be released.

    1. The boat has a high freeboard, permanent ballast located under the bottom of the boat, which provides good stability, so the boat is sufficiently seaworthy.

  8. In fact, the motor is installed permanently and does not need to be removed.

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