Construction of the yacht Lion 450

What to do during the covid-19 pandemic? We decided to build a yacht, this is a new yacht from our line of self-build yachts Lyon 450. The yacht has a simple structure and is made of plywood, this boat can be built by anyone, with a little time, and a small room or shed, all the details of the yacht are cut on the machine CNC and assembled as a large three-dimensional constructor. The construction of a yacht begins with the construction of a slipway on which frames are installed, and then all other parts of the yacht, all parts of the yacht are connected to each other in pre-cut grooves or puzzles. We started building the boat a few weeks ago, with cutting parts on CNC, to build the boat we needed 27 sheets of waterproof plywood measuring 1.25×2.5 m.

For quick and correct installation of frames, we suggest using a laser level, although you can do without it, frames are installed on the slipway and aligned with special marks. When using a laser level, the installation of the frame begins on the frame farthest from the level.

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  1. Nice stuff you have going on.

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