In Ukraine, simplified the registration of small vessels

The Cabinet of Ministers at a meeting on Wednesday, April 8, decided to exempt the owners of all small vessels from mandatory technical inspection during registration, and 30% of shipowners from mandatory registration.

The government approved a decree that provides for the abolition of the mandatory registration of small-sized vessels with a mechanical engine with a maximum capacity of up to 10 kW and rowing vessels up to 4 m long, which are not used in fishing or transporting passengers for commercial purposes.

Sports vessels, sports sailing yachts, historical copies of vessels are also not subject to mandatory registration.

The obligatory technical inspection of ships for all non-commercial small vessels was canceled during registration in the Ship Book of Ukraine if there is a document confirming the technical characteristics of the vessel or a certificate, or a passport for the vessel or other document issued by the qualification company containing information about the main technical characteristics of the vessel, identification number / building number, make, model, name and category of a vehicle, year of manufacture, model and engine number, power and displacement, etc. n engine, as well as information about the manufacturer, the country.

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