Multi-purpose fishing vessel FT 265-20

Our vision of a versatile fishing boat that can be customized to work effectively with different types of fishing tackle.

The vessel has a technologically advanced steel hull, which reduces construction time and cost, the bow with Y-bow contours allows to obtain a longer effective waterline length and provides better seaworthiness and less roll of the vessel, and less drag, which leads to fuel economy and CO 2 emissions.

The 12.8 m long working deck is huge for such a small vessel and can be customized to suit the individual operator’s requirements. The fish room has a volume of 125 m3 and has insulated walls of 150 mm, suitable for storing frozen fish. A total of seven crew members can be accommodated on board, six crew members can be accommodated in double cabins, and the captain – in a separate single cabin. The vessel has a galley and a spacious mess-room, toilet and shower. The wheelhouse is compact and offers unobstructed all-round visibility.

The main engine can be a marine diesel engine or modern diesel-electric hybrid engines.

Construction time 12 months

Price request


Overall length26.5 м
Length DWL26.5 м
Width7,30 м
Draft2.7 м
Speed9 узлов
Fishing hold125 м3
Main engine551 кВт
Generator11 кВт
Fuel35,0 м3
Freshwater7,0 м3
Wastewater3 м3



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2 thoughts on “Multi-purpose fishing vessel FT 265-20

  1. How much for this ?
    Would you sell the plans ?
    What engine ?

  2. The cost of the vessel depends on the configuration and is calculated individually for each client.

    I think we can sell plans for building a vessel at other shipyards, this issue can be discussed.

    Installation of diesel engines with power from 470 to 550 kW or hybrid diesel-electric power plants is provided.

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